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5 Places That You Can Find Best Logo Creators

Your logo is more than just a collection of letters, symbols, and colors. It’s your company’s most identifiable brand identifier, second only to visual style and brand colors, and it may be driving force behind your company’s success.

Research has shown that 60% of customers avoid companies with unappealing and unattractive logos. So, even if you have an outstanding product or service, a bad logo might hurt your marketing and sales efforts. To get a professional brand logo, you may need the assistance of the best logo creator.

Hundreds of agencies claim to be the best logo designing agency. However, not all of these agencies provides professional logo. You don’t need a logo that looks like a child put it together, and you don’t want to go through a long and complicated procedure to receive a finished product that matches all of your specifications. Here are 5 best places where you can find the best logo creators for your business.

Why do you need the right logo for your business?

Your company’s identity is reflected in your logo. It leaves a lasting impression on potential buyers if it looks attractive. On the other hand, a terrible logo can leave a bad taste in the mind of customers.

If the colors, style, and layout of the logo isn’t professional, it can hurt your brand across multiple channels, including social media, and the web.

A well-crafted brand logo can:

  • Attract the attention of potential clients. People’s attention spans are short. A great logo can catch the eye and quickly communicate your brand’s values.
  • Make yourself identifiable. The core of your business identity is your logo. It may set you apart from the competition and help customers remember your company across all channels.
  • Increase consumer loyalty. A professional logo can help people trust your brand even before interacting. If customers had a positive experience, they will most likely return and continue to purchase from you.

As you can see, a small company without a nice logo would struggle to succeed. Getting a professional logo from the best logo designing agency can help you stand out and connect with your audience, which can help you retain customers and increase revenue over time.

Let’s look at the 5 best places to find the best logo creator to get you started right away.

Best Places to Find the Best Logo Creators

  1. The Design Logic

The Design Logic is the best logo designing agency that doesn’t devalue your brand with a simple logo design. Instead, they emphasize the importance of professional logo design for your business personality and value. They have experienced and qualified logo designers who are available to create a catchy logo design for your brand.

They always show their portfolio with great designs before further discussing the work, demonstrating why they are the best logo agency. They have several pricing plans for every business’s needs. Their pricing plan includes:

  • Logo Special ($39) – You can get 4 original logo concepts in this package, with 2 professional logo creators working on your business logo. Moreover, you are entitled to 4 revisions, with a 1-2 days turnaround time.
  • Logo Plus ($99) – It’s the most popular package of Design Logic. It includes 12 original logo concepts with 4 experienced and industry-specific logo creators. If you’re unhappy with the final delivery with a turnaround time of 1-2 days, you can ask for unlimited revisions until you’re satisfied with the logo design.
  • Logo Platinum ($249) – Get unlimited original logo concepts with 8 dedicated logo designers. You will also get 500 business cards and email signature designs, with a quick turnaround time of 1-2 days.
  • Logo Infinite ($749) – It is foremost the best package of Design Logic, where they offer several services. It includes unlimited original logo concept, 12 qualified logo designers, unlimited revisions, a 5-page informative website, business cards, letterheads, and social media platform designs, with the same turnaround time as other packages.

Get in touch with them to get a custom quote on your brand’s logo. Make sure to read the feedback of satisfied clients of Design Logic, and hire the best logo designing agency for your brand.

  1. Fiverr

On Fiverr, you can find several logo designers with varying quality and pricing ranges. You can use the search box to discover the right designer for your project. You can look through designers’ profiles to view their previous work and client feedback, and the communications mechanism is quick and straightforward. But it’s the quality of work you can receive for such low pricing that makes Fiverr so intriguing.

You will quickly get a quick response from the designers within 24 hours and discuss your logo with them. The freelancing site is simple to use, and by following a few simple steps, you can hire an experienced and best logo creator for your business.

  1. Wix Logo Maker

The Wix Logo Maker is a fantastic DIY tool. You may need to invest a little extra time to create a logo you love, but the platform is simple to use and requires no prior design experience.

After giving some answers to a few questions, Wix Logo Maker will then generate several logos based on your preferences.

You have a lot of creative freedom with the logo editor, so you can pick your colors and fonts and arrange the different aspects of your logo.

You can download your logo as a PNG file for free if you only need it for personal web use and don’t plan to have it printed.

Your free logo can be used on your blog, social platform accounts, and even your YouTube channel.

  1. Shopify’s Hatchful

Another excellent free logo maker is Shopify. Hatchful is an iOS and Android software that allows you to create a brand from the ground up right from your phone.

Hatchful will recommend logos from hundreds of available templates after you complete a few questions about your company.

Whether you’re a Shopify merchant or not, Hatchful is free to use. Within the app, you may purchase premium logo templates.

Only if you choose to download them will you be charged. Overall, it’s a useful tool if you need a free, memorable logo to represent your company.

  1. Canva

Canva is the most interactive logo maker on the list. You may go straight to Canva’s logo editor from the homepage. You won’t be asked any business-related questions, but you will have access to hundreds of templates.

The templates are divided into categories including badges, art/design, fashion, sports, food & drink, automotive, and more.

Wrap Up

A professional logo represents your business value, and it’s one of the primary elements to engage your potential customers on your brand services or products. I recommend you hire the best logo creators from The Design Logic.

They are the best logo designing agency that offers great services with affordable pricing packages and the quickest turnaround time among their competitors. Get in touch with them now to achieve your professional brand logo.