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We know there are a lot of questions roaming in your mind regarding logo designing, web development, video animation, and digital marketing. To answer your all queries promptly and save your time and effort, we have set up this FAQs section which contains all questions usually asked by our valued client.



It is a broader term used to explain an extensive process. Web designing consists of different areas including user experience, user interface, search engine optimization, and web graphic. The purpose of all these areas is to give the website visitors a comfortable experience.

Web designing is based on setting the front-end experience of the person while he visits a website. This involves making a user-friendly design and setting a suitable color theme. In contrast, web development is working on the backend of the website which includes its coding, making it responsive according to the device it is accessed on, and its optimization.

A responsive web design is adjusted according to the device on which it is accessed. A web design’s responsiveness changes and adjusts the website’s interface according to the screen resolution of the user’s device. A website should have a responsive design as if a website doesn’t have this feature, it will show a basic web interface to the users accessing it through mobile phones, which will be a factor of distraction and urge them to bounce to any other website.

It is, basically, a demo of how the website shall look once it is done and gone live on the worldwide web. The mockup design includes call-to-action buttons, images, visual graphics, and videos. By going through the mockup design, the person can see how the final design will look like and check its user-friendliness.

Traffic on any website doesn’t matter whether new or old it is, depends on its ranking on the search engine result pages (SERP). This ranking is done according to how much SEO is done on a website. SEO makes a website visible on the search results of search engines such as Google and Bing. The more SEO is done on a website, the more it will be shown on early pages on search engines.

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