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What is a Brand Mark?

A brand mark is a business brand’s visual elements that make it recognizable quickly and helps it stand out from competitors in the competitive market. These visual elements include images, symbols, and art designs. A brand mark is the second most important thing for the brand after the logo. A brand logo is a permanent for most companies, but a brand mark is used as a supportive element. These brand identity designs are used by several companies, regardless of the factors such as their industry and size.

Symbols can also convey additional information about a business or its brand. It is significant when the brand itself does not provide enough information about the company and its operations. It can take time for your brand mark to become well-known and make its own brand identity in the industry to be readily connected with your company in your customer’s thoughts. But, once this relationship is established, symbols and logos become a valuable asset for the organization and carry considerable brand equity. When displaying their brand logo, well-known corporations such as Nike, Starbucks, and McDonald’s do not need to include their company name.

Since the emblem is so well-known, most people instinctively recognize which corporation each organization’s logo represents. In other words, well-established businesses utilize brand marks that customers recognize without correlating typographical features with the image to make the buyer think of a specific business. Brand markings are essential for establishing and preserving a company’s brand and image.

Difference Between Brand Mark and Logo

It might be unclear to understand the difference between brand marks and logos. They both are considered the same, but they have significant differences. A logo is a symbol of images and text to represent a brand. However, a brand mark is the type of creative visual design. Your brand logo delivers your business message to your viewer by using different styles, fonts, and colors to invoke emotions. Mostly, brand logos have a combination of images, shapes, and other elements, but a brand mark doesn’t have any of them. A brand mark uses creative fantasies only to represent the brand.

How to Create a Brand Mark

Brand marks are tough and challenging because they stand alone without any brand context. It means that these brand identity designs must have helpful and unique images which are easy to memorize. To get a professional brand mark, you have the option to hire a logo maker or deisgn agency that offers custom branding services. But, if you’re looking to create your own brand mark, then practice the following tips.

  • Ensure it conveys the message

Your image is the only significant part of your brand mark that you need to choose carefully. It should reflect your brand’s purpose, goals, and objectives against the picture of the product. For example, if a candle company uses a candle as their brand mark, they may face problems selling their products. However, if they use an image representing a commitment to their community, their brand identity design will work great.

  • Be Consistent

Several things can inspire your brand mark. Some companies take the idea of their brand mark from their brand name, while others try entirely opposite. However, it doesn’t matter which thing inspires your brand mark, be consistent in using it. Ensure that your brand mark becomes memorable for your potential audience. So, ensure that your brand identity design is unique and can be used across all platforms.

  • Consider the classics

Consider creating a brand mark that will never go out of style. You can accomplish so by avoiding current brand identity design trends and instead of creating a brand logo that will be relevant for years.

Brand Marks Examples

I’ve chosen a few examples of excellent brand marks from the many available.


Twitter’s bird image represents tweets, which is an apt description of the company’s mission. The company name is not included in the design because the bird is enough to recognize the brand instantly.


The well-known retailer used its name to inspire a brand logo that can now stand independently. A simple circle is contained in an outer ring, resulting in an identical icon no matter how it is turned.


The Apple logo is successful because it represents its name, which helps in brand identification. Combining the brand mark and the company’s name made it easier for the public to recognize the image and associate it with the brand over time. Apple has become a brand identity designed for its consumers.


The panda logo is synonymous with the World Wildlife Fund. The design’s imaginative and innovative use of negative space sets it apart. The WWF’s commitment to wildlife protection is reflected in the brand mark.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones’ wide-open mouth and tongue brand symbol has embodied the renowned rock ‘n’ roll band since it first appeared on the Sticky Fingers album in 1971. Whether you enjoy rock & roll, the significant red mouth brand mark is one of the most well-recognized emblems. The tongue and lips logo reflects the force and enthusiasm of rock and roll.


The oil and gas company has removed the word “Shell” from the design entirely to draw attention to the brand symbol. This brand mark has become a familiar sight for almost everyone on the road.


Nike’s distinctive swoosh emblem has become so well-known that the sportswear firm has been able to remove its name entirely from the logo. Surprisingly, they didn’t need to include any graphics of sports equipment to convey their idea. And their logo is now easily identifiable.


The WhatsApp brand mark is a phone inside a text bubble—simple but effective. The app’s function, which is to transmit text messages and phone calls, is symbolized by the brand mark. Despite being generic and straightforward, the brand name has become well-known and is easily recognized.

Wrap Up

When it comes to convey meaning and emotion, images may achieve outcomes that words alone cannot. It’s no surprise that the most prestigious brands utilize a brand mark. Brand identity designs are usually reserved for well-known organizations in their field. Your brand mark has the potential to place your business on the map if done correctly. You’re now ready to create an impression!

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